Online jobs for 16 year olds iphone apps

Online jobs for 16 year olds

Instead of spending a lot of time browsing the Internet solely for entertainment purposes, why don’t you, a 16 year old, try to make good use of those hours by making money online? Online jobs for 16 year olds are very popular in this information technology era, and on top of that, they are also well-paid and simple.

Before you start looking for online jobs, remember to do some research.  Although there are hardly any age limits for the  jobs listed below, you should still check the FLSA and your state law to make sure you’re allowed to work. Also, keep it in mind that there are a lot of companies which make promises they don’t intend to keep; so if you decide to take up a job, regardless of its nature, ask your parents to check and verify its details. Last but not least, rather than focusing exclusively on money, find something that you enjoy and that allows you to learn necessary skills.

Now it’s time we took a look at some of the most popular online jobs for 16 year olds.

1. Taking online surveys

Online jobs for 16 year olds taking survey

Have you ever thought that taking surveys online could bring you money? If not, then it is an excellent option that you should try. The tasks basically include getting sent a survey offer, filling out little bubbles by clicking, submitting them, and then getting paid. Filling out online surveys can pay from 3$ to 10$ and each survey takes possibly 5-20 minutes to complete. No deadline fixed. Isn’t that great? And the most important part about these online survey jobs is that 16-year-olds can still manage to have a social life.

To get started, you need to register with those companies and you can start your job immediately. For your information, this type of job works well for the long term because manufacturers always need opinions before producing new products. 

2. Article writing

For 16 year olds who want to develop their writing skills for your future career, or simply just love writing, you can offer to write articles (about 400-500 words) for small website owners, and get paid around 10-20 dollars per article. The best part about this job is that you can do it from anywhere, anytime, even from your bedroom in your pajamas. Of course, you have to have a flair for writing as well as some creativity in order to produce good articles. The ability to write on a regular basis is also required if you aim for a long-term job.

3. Video game testing

Becoming a video game tester is truly an enjoyable job for any enthusiastic gamer. Companies keep coming up with new video games that need to be tested by different age groups, including 16 year olds. Basically you have to play the game and report problems that you come across to people in charge. They also test the difficulty level of the game. The companies will tell you what exactly they’re looking for and train you accordingly. If you have already played the current version of any game, approach the company to test the next version.

4. Creating iPhone Apps

Online jobs for 16 year olds iphone apps

The game Angry Birds makes millions every month. And the guy who developed the iShooting game made $200,000 in just a couple of weeks. As the number of iPhone and iPad users is rising by the hours, there is an increasing need for new apps. You can create your own iPhone app and sell it on iTunes. For FREE. Yes you heard it right, it costs absolutely nothing. It’s a great opportunity that people are starting to embrace, so why not trying it yourself?

The Internet has changed how people work nowadays, and now teenagers aged 16 can easily find ways to make money online. We hope that the list of online jobs for 16 year olds suggested above is helpful for computer savvies in search of an occupation online.

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